Fire sparks as crews try to secure flooded Missoula mobile home

A Weather Authority Alert is still in effect as of Tuesday, despite a lull in water levels on Missoula's Clark Fork River.

Safety crews took this opportunity to assess damage and gain control of one of several mobile homes swept off their foundations on Schmidt Lane.

And as crews were cutting through the exterior of a mobile home to secure a chain around it, a fire started.

The fire began around 5 p.m.

Missoula County officials say that the home's insulation caught on fire, but was quickly contained.

Homeowners in the area have also been preparing for the predicted flooding by adding or reinforcing sandbags on their properties.

Flood evacuees were able to briefly check on their home's on Tuesday before water levels on the Clark Fork River soon start to rise.

Tower Street residents are gathering additional belongings and surveying the damage done to their homes. 

Evacuees must check in with emergency officials before entering evacuated areas, so law enforcement can ensure public safety.

Law enforcement hopes to allow this temporary access until Wednesday as flooding is expected to increase later this week.

Video Courtesy: Missoula County Sheriff's Office

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