Tribe adds funds to help find Ashley

Ashley Loring HeavyRunner has not been seen or heard from in over six months. Her case is just one of many unsolved cases in Browning. Almost a year after he was found dead in the town, the FBI announced a $10,000 reward for information in the cold case of Matthew Grant. Ashley's family is worried her case could take just as long. This last year has been hard on them.

"Ashley wouldn't stay away this long and it was so hard on Christmas but i had to have Christmas for my other daughter I didn't wanna have it but I did," said Loxie Loring. It's a struggle that is felt by many families this holiday season.

On New Year's Eve, Matthew Grant was found stabbed in the back in an alley. Almost a year later, there's still no leads, which is why the FBI has offered the reward of $10,000.  However, law enforcement isn't releasing any information when it comes to Ashley. Kimberly said while she is happy the FBI is making an effort to find information about Matthew, she said she worries investigators will take just as long to step up efforts to find Ashley. 

"Seems like it took a very long time for them to do that and it kinda scares me if it took them that long  for Matthew case how long will it take for Ashley's case," said Loring. Kimberly has left her job and given up her plans to reunite with her fiance and will stay in Browning until Ashley is found no matter how long it takes. 

The Bureau of Indian Affairs and Blackfeet Law Enforcement are handling Ashley's case. However,  her family said they will be meeting with the FBI to ask for a joint investigation. Ashley's disappearance is gaining national attention. Our ABC affiliate in New York has sent a reporter to Browning and so has Marie Claire magazine. 

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