Family asking for return of veteran's service dog Masik

MISSOULA - A family is searching for their service dog, saying someone stole him from their truck while they parked at the Wye earlier this week.

Masik the chow-chow belongs to Ryan Jones, a Marine who says he relies on the dog for helping with PTSD. 

The family also posted that they're working with the sheriff's deputies and checked security footage in the area, without any luck.

Anyone with information is asked to call the Missoula County Sheriff's Office at 406-258-4810. 

You can also learn more at the Missing Masik Facebook group.

ABC FOX Montana is sending a reporter to learn more.

"Missing from the WYE - Travel Amercia Truck Plaza off hwy 93 & I-90 just west of Missoula, Montana! 9/10/18
Parents are currently on the road traveling for work- heading to Indiana. 
Masik was hanging out in the truck while mom and dad went inside the truck stop to shower and do laundry. 
Someone stole cash out of the truck and possibly stole Masik- when mom and dad came out of the truck stop, the door of the truck was left wide open. Let's hope and pray Masik took a stroll in the WYE area- and is waiting for mom and dad to pick him up. The alternative is that someone stole him along with the money- and as of now- we have NO leads. 
Masik walks with a limp from an injury as a puppy and is waiting to get fitted for a Boot. 
He is a service dog- and helps dad everyday. 
Common questions: 
"Is there a camera at the truck stop?" No, not in the area the truck was parked at. 
If you have ANY information- Please call Lynn Delgado 903-574-9967 or the police department. A report has been filed."

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