Facebook quizzes could lead to identity theft

Facebook quizzes may seem harmless but, did you know that if you are not careful while taking a Facebook quiz it could leave you a victim of identity theft.

The Sutton Police Department posted an alert on their Facebook page warning people not to answer questions like, “What was your childhood best friend?”, “Your first pet?”, or “The place where you were born?” You might not know it but those are the same questions used as security questions when setting up bank accounts.

What can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen to you? When filling out your security question simply lie, that way there is no way that it can be tracked back to you.

Sgt. Travis minter with the Bozeman Police Department says someone on the other end of the quiz is collecting that data and using it and it’s rare that that information just goes away.

Sgt. Munter also says that if you receive and email or something doesn’t look right make sure you check with your bank right away.

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