EXCLUSIVE: Man who says he survived deadly Missoula hotel shooting speaks out

Kaleb Laststar Williams thought Friday, October 19 might be his last day on earth.

Laststar Williams says he was sleeping in a room at the Mountain Valley Inn in Missoula. Two men came through the door, killed the other two people in the room and shot him while he slept. The pain shocked him awake, but he didn’t realize he was shot until he couldn’t lift his arm.

“When I woke up, I felt a sharp pain, a lot of blood,” Laststar Williams said. “I felt fear. I laid down and, you know, I thought I was going to die for sure. I thought I’d better make my peace with the Lord.”

While he was laying on the bed, Laststar Williams said he made a deal with God. He kept praying for his life, and for the chance to watch his young daughters grow up.

“I laid down on the bed, I looked at the ceiling, and I asked him to please…if you can, to let me live,” Laststar Williams said. “Let me live for my two daughters. Let me live to tell the story.”

Laststar Williams said he thinks he was in the wrong place at the wrong time, and he believes the fact that he’s still alive is an answer to his prayers. He said he forgives the men accused of shooting him that night. He doesn’t want to hang onto the memories of what he felt and saw, and believes forgiving them will give him the freedom to move on.

“You know, I don’t hold no ill will against the shooters…but they didn’t know who I was, Laststar Williams said. “I don’t hold anything against them. I let it go. I gave it to the Lord, everything right there, as I was bleeding to death.”

Jason Flink and Megan McLaughlin died in the shooting. Police arrested two men in the incident, and are seeking another person of interest.

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