Documentary on BPD debuts in Missoula

The Big Sky Film Festival hosted a worldwide premiere Thursday night for a documentary about a mental health disorder that is often misdiagnosed, and misunderstood.

And if you missed the show, those in charge of the film say you have another chance to catch it.

“Borderline” is the first documentary to capture the lived experience of borderline personality disorder, or BPD.

Rebbie Ratner says she created and directed the film after being diagnosed with BPD herself, to bring awareness and break the stigma that surrounds this mental health diagnosis.

"Its sort of the waste basket diagnosis that no one wants to talk about in mental health,” said Ratner. “There’s this sort of bigger piece of me that is really committed to working out complicated, difficult relationship stuff. I think almost anyone who's making a film comes into contact with that when they're working with people if you're doing stuff that is a little challenging."

Thursday's movie premiere will be held at the Roxy Theater at 8:45 pm, with an additional showing on Sunday afternoon at 12:15 that will feature an appearance by the lead actress of the film.

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