CODY, Wyo. - The Park County Sheriff's Office conducted a special inspection of a unique classic car with ties to American music history.

The sheriff's office shared photos of the 1971 Pontiac Grand Ville that was customized by famed Hollywood tailor Nudie Cohn and owned by country-music legend Buck Owens.

The white two-door is emblazoned with ornate touches including a longhorn steer hood ornament, gun holsters on the back seats, revolvers mounted on the hood, a rifle mounted on the trunk, a saddle serving as the center console, and silver Eisenhower dollars embedded in the steering wheel and upholstery.

The gas and brake pedals are made of horseshoes and silver dollars mounted on tooled leather - and a cowhide serves as the floor mat.


The sheriff's office says this one was intended for Elvis Presley, although he never took possession of it.

The owner of the car, Bob Ferguson, commented on Park County's post and added more details:

"Allow me to clarify just a few details....the car was customized by Nudie Cohn in Hollywood in 1972 when it was brand new. Nudie was a famous taylor (Nudie Suits, Roy Roger's, Elvis etc) He customized 18-19 cars for a dealership from the mid 50s to mid 70s. They are known as "Nudiemobiles" and only 8 still exist. This particular car was done specifically for Elvis but his manager didn't let him take delivery. Buck Owens bought this one as a driver and has another one over his bar in Bakersfield, CA. We recently moved to Cody and I just had to bring it out here for the parade." 

One of the most famous Buck Owens custom cars hangs above the bar at a Buck Owens-themed venue in Bakersfield, California called The Crystal Palace.

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