Carroll's James Excited to Start Career with Packers

In the final minutes of this weekend's NFL Draft the tables had turned, because it was Carroll's Josh James who wasn't waiting to be selected, but was doing the selecting himself.

"The Falcons were talking to me, but before the draft the Colts, the Rams had been all talking to me," said James. "The Chiefs and the Jets had called me, the Seattle Seahawks called me like five minutes after I said yes to the Packers. I had a bunch of teams talking to me."

Ultimately it was the only team to invite him on a visit before the draft, the Green Bay Packers, who Josh saw as a fit. But that doesn't mean he is underestimating his jump from Carroll to the Pack.

"It's going to be a little difficult, because I've never been up against any D-I athletes before, and of the speed and strength," said James. "Most of the defensive ends, I think the biggest I've faced at Carroll is maybe 235 (pounds), and now they're like 290, so it's going to be a little different for me."

"Physically he's going to have his best for forward so to speak," said Saints head coach Mike Van Diest. "The other thing is, in the NFL, you're competing against people that you're trying to take their jobs. He's going to go against men that have been doing this, and this is their livelyhood."

At 6'5" 315 pounds, Josh opened the eyes of scouts at the University of Montana pro day with 26 reps of 225 on the bench press, which was more than top 10 picks Ronnie Stanley and Jack Conklin, along with his 33 inch arms. Those numbers translate well, even if he is asked to switch positions to guard.

"I honestly don't know, they haven't told me yet," said James. "Because Green Bay drafted two tackles, so I don't know where they want me to fit in, but hopefully I'll stay at tackle. It's what I know."

"I don't ever think he would be lessened by moving inside," said Van Diest. "I think at his size, and the strength, maybe guard is where they want him. Maybe he'll be a guy that's willing to make multiple positions."

But regardless of where he plays on the field, his former head coach Mike Van Diest knows Josh can definitely be a success.

"He came in, he worked hard, he's done all those things that you can't put on a questionaire in terms of his passion for the game."

Josh James has made his mark at Carroll, and now after making one of the biggest decisions of his life, plans to make his mark in the frozen tundra of Green Bay.

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