California to vote on splitting into three states

A controversial measure to split California into three states has gathered enough signatures to make it onto the ballot this November.

Fox40 in Sacramento reports that the measure is sponsored by a Silicon Valley billionaire, Tim Draper.

Draper's measure proposes dividing California into "Northern California," including the Bay Area, "Southern California," including Fresno, Bakersfield and San Diego, and "California," which would be comprised of the greater Los Angeles area.

Draper had previously pushed for dividing California into 6 states - that measure failed four years ago when many of the signatures gathered were deemed invalid by the state.

Draper spent $5 million on the "six Californias" measure, and apparently intends to spend millions of his own personal money on the "Three Californias" measure this year.

The controversial Three Californias idea measure is not supported by the "State of Jefferson" group, which is unrelated to Draper's measure.

Advocates for the State of Jefferson have argued for many years in favor of creating a 51st state out of southern Oregon and northern California.

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