New technology blocks mobile signal to drivers to make cell phone use behind the wheel impossible

Britain has already tightened their penalties for anyone caught using a mobile device behind the wheel. Right now, citizens could face a fine equivalent to $250, new drivers can be required to retake their driving test and those responsible for fatal crashes because of texting and driving can be sentenced to life in prison. But despite these hefty consequences, Britain's Department of Transport is considering making it impossible to use a cell phone while driving with a new technology that blocks mobile signals for drivers.

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Some say it's a great idea and would prevent so many fatality collisions due to distracted driving. Those are are not in favor of the technology say it wouldn't be fair to take the ability to use a cell phone away from a passenger in the car and they also argue that there are times a driver may need to call 911. It's not clear yet if the technology addresses or has a solution for either of those two objections.

Would you support a similar technology implemented in the U.S.? Why or why not?

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