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HELENA, Mont. (AP) — A Montana legislator is resisting pressure from the leader of the Republican Party in his home county to resign over his past role as principal of a high school when an athletic trainer was accused of sexually abusing students.

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GREAT FALLS- The community is in a stir of confusion today, this after rumors surfaced regarding changes to the county zoning regulations. As it turns out, revisions haven't been made for the last seven years, and state lawmakers want them to be looked at.

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GREAT FALLS- We got up to seven inches of snow on Saturday. It takes snow plowers in Great Falls up to four days to clear the snow. As frustrating as it is for us it's more frustrating for the snowplowers.

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Great Falls saw several inches of snow over the weekend, resulting in many getting stuck on the roadways. 

GREAT FALLS- Just last week, multiple roofs caved in under the weight of heavy snowfall in Puget Sound. With that being said our problem here in Great Falls, isn't necessarily the snow build up on your roof, but the ice buildup.

GREAT FALLS- Turning now to health news, Great Falls College MSU had quite the measles scare last week.

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Yashley James isn't a stranger to challenges. She's only 23 years old, and she owns her own business. Now, she's fighting through health problems to get back to the job she loves.

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GREAT FALLS- After making it to the Olympics himself, a locally retired boxer, Todd Foster, is now training his own niece for an upcoming fight in Butte this March. But there’s catch as to why in this match, a win could mean so much more.

GREAT FALLS- Restaurant week is in full swing in Great Falls! After chatting with those making it happen, there are many dishes you can try from Feb. 15 to the 23.

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A U.S. district judge has sentenced a Browning man Thursday to 16 years in prison and six years of supervised release for having sex with and giving methamphetamine to a minor at his home on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation four years ago, according to a press release from the U.S. Attorney’…

GREAT FALLS- 28 children nationwide have died from the flu, in this flu season alone according to the CDC, but as it turns out, Benefis tells us this isn't as record-breaking of a number as it may seem.

GREAT FALLS- Under federal law, Montana Farmers Union says it's currently illegal for any state in the U.S. to label where their meat is coming from but today, one bill was heard by state lawmakers that could change all that.

There's a new resource at the University of Montana to fight against student hunger, and its grand opening celebration is happening on Tuesday, February 12. 

GREAT FALLS- Despite the below zero temperatures we've seen throughout the week, some ranchers are in the midst of calving season. In fact, they actually prefer this winter over last.