MISSOULA - Plans are underway for a new YWCA facility that's planned to provide safe housing for homeless families and survivors of domestic violence.

Missoula City Council formally approved the project on Monday.

The housing facility was proposed by the YWCA and will be able to house nearly 200 people. It's slated to be built off Third Street, near the Good Food Store.

Now that the project is approved, YWCA Executive Director Cindy Weiss said she's excited to bring this much-needed facility to Missoula.

Currently, women escaping abusive situations have to rely on hotel vouchers to find a safe place to stay. Missoula also doesn't have a shelter equipped to take in homeless families with children.

She says they're working on a funding package to make this project possible.

"We'll be working ...to reach out to the community and to ask them to support our project," Weiss said.

They hope to have the facility open by 2020.

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