10-year-old trampled by a deer on elementary playground

A 10-year-old was hospitalized Tuesday after the student was trampled by a deer on the Rattlesnake Elementary School playground.

Officials from Fish Wild Life and Parks don’t think this deer was trying to be aggressive; he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

“It’s very unusual,” Information and education manager Vivaca Crowser said.

That is how FWP and Missoula County Public Schools are describing the run in a student had with a deer Tuesday morning on the playground

"In my seven years working for the school district that is the first time I’ve heard of a student and deer related incident," Missoula County Public Schools Communications Director Hatton Littman said,

Just before 8:30 students were getting off the bus and running to the playground when a deer found itself somewhere he didn’t want to be.

“This deer sounds like it was corned and tried to get out of the area and unfortunately ran into someone as it did that,” Crowser said, “and that’s not unusual behavior the deer was really trying to get its self out of the area and get itself alone.”

When the 10-year-old got up he had blood on his face and staff at the school were quick to respond.

“When the incident occurred the staff at Rattlesnake Elementary were just amazing and preformed exactly how they were trained,” Littman said.

Teachers trained in first aid cared for the student until they were brought to St Pats for further assessment.

While this was an unusual incident, it teaches an important lesson.

“It is a good reminder to give animals space so they can get in and out of areas safely, it sounds like this was just and accidental, unusual situation,” Crowser said.

We reached out to the family, but they did not want to comment at this time.

The school district also sent a message out to all parents Tuesday alerting them of the incident.

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