While temperatures are rising across the Treasure State, several cities are reporting an increase of calls related to frozen water lines.

If that water line were to burst, it could end up costing you big time. Luckily, the problem is easy to avoid and is a much cheaper option.

Dennis Bowman, Deputy Public Works Director for Missoula, says frozen water lines are a common issue in springtime.

Bowman said his office has received four reports of frozen water lines in the last week. Even with warmer temperatures, snow continues to keep the ground cold.

"Even though the outside temperatures are warming up, and that it seems like things are warming up, you still have snow on the ground, you still have ice on certain streets, and all it's doing is those increased temperatures are pushing the frost deeper," Bowman says.

Bowman said it's pretty simple to avoid this problem; you just have to run your faucet.

This is a far better solution, tacking on $12 to $14 to your water bill rather than having to bring in a contractor to fix a water line.

"So we are hearing that the cost to do that is anywhere from $5 to $10,000, so the most inexpensive way to do it is just run the water a little bit," Bowman says.

Service lines are not owned by the city, so it's up to the customers to help prevent this issue.

And running your faucet will help to avoid break your water line and your bank account.

Missoula water officials are advising people to run their faucets very slowly to about half the size of a pencil.

But some Missoula residents have different ways of keeping their water line from freezing, saying the snow actually helps them during the winter.

"Typically, we just let the snow pile up and don't try to clean it out too much. Snow is a good insulator so we keep the snow piled up, as you can see, so that’s how we do it," says Anthony Jasumback.

Jasumback said he hasn't had a problem in the 50 years he's lived in Missoula.

Still, city officials are sending out this message to keep your water lines in tact and avoid a hefty bill.

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