Puppy update
An adorable update, all three Great Pyrenees puppies found in the Utah Wilderness have been adopted.
But now there is a new concern for the mother. She is still at large and she has been seen with two other suspected wild male dogs.
While no one has officially claimed her, rescue groups are still trying to catch her and bring her in safely.
But being seen with male dogs presents a new problem.
"We definitely don't want her to get pregnant again is she is running with a couple of male dogs that's a very good possibility the last thing we want to do is produce another 10 to 13 puppies which is a usual litter size for them," Great Pyrenees Rescue of Montana's Carole Mclaughlin said.
The Great Pyrenees Rescue of Montana wants to remind everyone that they still have four adorable Pyrenees mix puppies available for adoption.

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