US Women's soccer win fourth world cup

The US Women’s Soccer team won their fourth World Cup today in their match against the Netherlands.

Here in Montana, it was standing room only at the Thomas Meagher Bar as soccer fans of all ages eagerly gather to watch the Women’s World Cup Finale.

"I’m excited to watch it and see how the game goes!" 12-year-old soccer fan Maddie Thompson said.

Today’s viewing party drew in large crowds with lots of people standing for the 2 hour game. Some fans even drove in from out of town.

"We just wanted to watch the game somewhere and we are from out of town and we googled it and this is the place to be." Doug Conde said.

The place to be is right, one die hard soccer fan was just in France to watch the beginning of the tournament

"I got back yesterday morning I saw four games including the US France one, it was incredible!" die hard soccer fan Grace Gibson-Snyder said.

While it was no French stadium, the small Irish pub had just as much energy.

The whole bar erupted in cheers after US Team Captain Megan Rapinoe scored the first goal of the game, and there were just as many cheers when the second goal came.

"I’m thrilled there is so much support” Gibson-Snyder said. “If you look around this place is packed! I’ve never seen so much support for a women's game before!"

The Thomas Meagher bar opened two hours early for this morning’s game, and hosted a second viewing party Sunday at 7 for the Men’s Gold Cup Final.

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