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MISSOULA - University of Montana campus police are investigating after a student reportedly fired a gun out of a residence hall window.

A release from UM Police Chief Marty Ludemann says no one was hurt.

He says the shot tore a window screen in the dorm room, but nothing else was damaged.

The suspected shooter could face criminal charges. They were not identified in the UM release.

Read the full UM release below:

Dear Campus Community,

University of Montana Police are investigating an incident involving a student bringing a firearm into a residence hall and allegedly discharging it out of a residence hall room window. No injuries were reported and there was no damage beyond tears in the window screen in the room where the firearm was discharged. The student is facing criminal charges and disciplinary action as a result of this incident.

UMPD continues to investigate, coordinating with the Missoula Police Department. We do not believe there is an ongoing threat or safety concern for the campus community.

The university has a clear, strict policy regarding firearms anywhere on the campus. It specifically states:

The University of Montana restricts the possession and use of firearms on the campuses of the University of Montana. Individuals authorized to carry firearms without prior approval from the President or Chief of the University of Montana Police include:

Peace officers Federal authorities who are empowered by federal law to be armed

Students living in residence halls or UM Housing facilities must store any firearm with the University of Montana Police and follow mandatory requirements for possession. All residents of the University Villages and Lewis and Clark Villages must register any firearm with UM Housing.

If you have questions regarding university policy as it relates to firearms on the campus, please do not hesitate to contact UMPD at 243-6131.

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