University and ASUM Childcare will have new daycare location picked by March 25th

ASUM Childcare Input Session held Thursday

MISSOULA- University officials have narrowed their daycare relocations down to seven options -the Missoula College Library, McGill Hall, Lommasson Admissions Space, Toole village, Craighead housing, Todd Building Printing and Graphics, and the modular trailers.

"I feel that of the seven there are at least a few that are great options and will work for us and we will make it work because we are pretty adaptable and you know it's all about the kids - whatever option is picked we'll make it work,” said ASUM Director, Vicki Olson.

Daycare officials say that despite the craziness surrounding the relocation, at the end of the day, it’s all about the kids.

"Our priority is the family and the children and we want to do what we can and they are all going to school, trying to work along with that, and that’s a big important thing for them to not have to worry about where their children are whether they are safe, or that’s what we do, that's our priority,” said Olson.

University officials will make a final decision by March 25th, and all parties involved say they are ready to get back to their normal schedule.

"I'm very excited, I just want us to find our permanent home and be able to get things back to normal for our families and for our teachers,” added Olson.

The University will be holding one final input session Friday morning at 9 A.M. at UC Theater for anyone who missed today's meetings. 

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