MISSOULA - Police say two suspects were cited for white supremacist graffiti found spray-painted on a building downtown.

"White Power" and swastika symbols were found on Tuesday, freshly spray-painted on a building on a motel on the 1400 block of West Broadway.

Joshua Dyslin, 20, and Justens Miller, 37, were cited for misdemeanor criminal mischief and released on Tuesday, police say.

Dyslin and Miller are described as transients.

Missoula police say they're also investigating the distribution of anti-Semitic fliers.

A release from Sgt. Travis Welsh says: "We are currently gathering information via citizen reports, and collaborating with the University of Montana Police Department in order to determine what crimes may have been committed in regard to the dissemination of the flyers, and the identity of those involved. If you have any such information please contact Detective Devin Erickson at (406) 552-6291."

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