Train collides with car near Frenchtown

Courtesy: Frenchtown Rural Fire District Facebook Page

MISSOULA -  A train collided with a car west of the King Ranch Crossing in Frenchtown on Sunday around 10:30 p.m.

When emergency crews arrived they discovered the car fully engulfed in flames, according to the Frenchtown Rural Fire District. Officials said the initial investigation shows there was no one inside the car.

MRL Track Maintenance and Safety Supervisors were on scene to assess the damage. It took crews four hours to mop up the mess. 

According to the Frenchtown Rural Fire District, law enforcement located one of the occupants more than a mile away from the scene. No word yet on what the person was doing or why they abandoned the car. 

It took the train just under a half of a mile to come to a complete stop. The car caught fire after the impact.

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