The Sawyer, a 57-unit apartment complex is open in the Old Sawmill District

MISSOULA- This weekend, University of Montana students are returning to Missoula to start the new school year.

Some of these students, will return to brand-new living quarters. After two years of construction, the new Sawyer Student Living Apartments are open in the Old Sawmill District.

After a tour of the building, ABC FOX crews were blown away at how gorgeous the exterior and interior were. The brand-new building has more than any college student or resident could ever need.

This 218 bed apartment complex has been open for nearly a month now, and these aren't just for students, anyone can live here.

Most of the apartments are four bedrooms, with four bathrooms, but, they also have 2 bedroom, and 3 bedroom units available.

All apartments come equipped with a full kitchen-- fully furnished living room-- and even the luxury of private laundry.

 The building also has plenty of communal space-- like a workout room, and a beautiful back patio area.

 Property managers say these new apartments will add a lot of liveliness to the neighborhood.

"I think having younger people living here will be a great addition as far as energy, as far as employment goes we have the Dog and Bicycle Cafe, or ATG, and kind of feed in to some of those organizations that are also apart of our neighborhood. I think providing that vibrant energy will be great,” Catie Peissig, Sawyer property manager, said.

These bedroom apartments start at $615 dollars, with a flat base rate of $50 for utilities. The lease also comes with a gym membership to Brio Fitness down the road.

For more details on these new apartments, or how to move in, click here.

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