The "M" received a new look Saturday morning thanks to MMIW activists

MISSOULA- Activists lined the M on Mount Sentinel with red paper to raise awareness of the epidemic of missing and murdered indigenous people.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, a group of people gathered at the “M" Trailhead, to make a difference. They used $300 worth of red paper and hiked up the steep trail for the project.

"I hope they ask themselves what it means, I hope they ask around, and I hope they ask each other and themselves where Jermain Charlo is,” filmmaker and MMIW activist Ivy MacDonald said.

Jermain is just one of the many cases of indigenous women who have gone missing, never to be found. The red outline, on display for the whole city to see, represents all of those girls, and women.

"It's a state issue, it's a United States issue, it spans everything," MacDonald said. "I don't want people to forget Lynette Keener, I don't want people to forget that Jermain Charlo went missing right on Orange street, and I don't want people to forget this happens in Missoula and people need to know about it."

Although the red outline will be taken down by the end of the weekend, people involved say they hope the message remains.

Missoula’s Stampede Rodeo taking place Saturday evening at 7 p.m. is also shining a light on the MMIW movement. The evening encourages people to “Rock the Red” in support of missing and murdered indigenous women. T-shirts will also be sold, with all of the proceeds going to families impacted by MMIW.

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