battle of the bulge

As many relax this three day weekend two men are working hard to remind people why we celebrate Veterans Day.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the Battle of the Bulge, many know it as the largest land battle fought by US forces but not everyone knows how large of a part Montana played.

"I think people need to know that our population in Montana is one million and 70 thousands right now but in 1940 it was 570,000 and yet 57,000 Montanans went off to that war," Author of Gonzo Road Show Diary John Driscoll said.

Lecocq and Driscoll both visited the site of the battle of the bulge a few years ago and since their trip they have written not only one but two books about the role Montana played.

"We tell the stories of a lot of Montanans and not just ones who received metals, but ones that dropped off supplies from c47s, the ones who went over and bombed German buildings, the ones who were fighting bazookas against tanks in small towns, and we mention a lot of Missoulians,” author of the Battle of the Bulge: a Montana Perspective Randall Lecocq said.

75 years later their stories of heroism are still being told.

"The reason I started writing the second book is that its real obvious you cant fit all the stories in our first book you couldn’t fit all the stories in a dozen books,” Driscoll said.

But that won’t stop these two from trying to tell all 57 thousand stories.

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