Tester reintroduces the Balckfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act to congress

It’s been in the making for over a decade, the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act is being re-introduced to congress by Senator Jon Tester.

At a press conference at the Kettlehouse in Bonner, crowds of people packed themselves into the taproom to show their support of the BCSA.

Senator Tester was one of many speakers at the event.

Along with Tester there were speakers from all three industries affected by this legislation. Leaders from the forestry industry, supporters for more outdoor recreation, and conservation groups came forward to voice their support.

One girl in the crowd was holding a sign saying 73% of Montanans support the BCSA. Tester loved her sign and called her up in front of the crowd, saying the support here is obvious but the key to passing the legislation is to get it out of committee in Washington D.C.

"It just shows on the ground support for this,” Tester said, “I mean this has been going on for a while it’s not like its new. A lot of people have been working on it for over a decade and it makes me feel good. We just need to get everybody in the delegation on board pushing for this. If that happens this will pass."

Tester also said in his speech if you want to see the BCSA pass, write an email showing your support then send it to him, send it to Senator Daines, representative Giantforte, and to the governor.

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