The iconic Sperry Chalet in Glacier National Park will start accepting reservations for this summer Monday morning.

In 2017, the chalet was nearly destroyed by the Sprauge Fire, but was rebuilt over the past two years and is now ready to start hosting overnight guests once again!

Starting at 8 am Monday morning, reservations can be made on the chalet's website. Dates available are July 18 through September 13.

"It's really a pinch me experience to be able to be involved in something that built history right in front of our eyes and I think this year people are going to respond to that by not only spending the night at the chalet but also by hiking up to it for the first year that it has been reopened" Glacier National Park Conservancy executive director Doug Mitchell said.

The 2020 overnight rate is $237 for the first person then $159 for each additional person in the same room, plus Montana's accommodations tax.

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