MISSOULA - After dozens of people had to be evacuated from a chairlift at Snowbowl the ski area says they will still be open as repairs are being made.

Snowbowl was still busy Thursday, after their lift broke down on Wednesday, thanks to fresh snow in the morning and discounted lift tickets.

"As I was leaving yesterday there was some buzz at the base about a broken chairlift," Skier Josh Lauer said.

Lauer and his family are regulars at Snowbowl, and even with half the mountain closed that didn't stop them from enjoying the snow.

"We got more snow so we thought we would come check it out and it was better than expected, I'd say it was better than yesterday," Lauer said.

Wednesday dozens of folks had to be rescued from the Lavelle chairlift after a chair separated from the cable.

"On an unload around midday a chair got swung up onto the chair guide and unfortunately frayed one of the haul ropes," owner Andy Morris said.

The haul ropes on the lifts are made from six cables wrapped around a core, and if even one gives out the whole line has to shut down.

The owners say they are working on not only fixing the broken chairlift but building a third lift as well.

"We don't know exactly yet, when it will be fixed. probably a few weeks but we are also focusing on getting our new lift open hopefully next week," Morris said.

If all goes according to plan Snowbowl will have three working lifts before the end of the season.

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