treasure chest

BOZEMAN - After yet another rescue in remote terrain, the Gallatin County Sheriff says he's fed up with rescuing unprepared treasure hunters running into risky situations while they seek a cache of jewels and gold allegedly hidden in the Rocky Mountains.

The Forest Fenn Treasure is said to contain gold nuggets, coins, jewelry and gemstones. Art dealer and writer Forest Fenn claimed to have buried the treasure somewhere in the Rocky Mountains and left clues to its location in a 2010 book. Ever since, people have risked their lives and given up on their careers to search for the treasure.

Some treasure hunters think it's buried near Yellowstone National Park - and the ensuing search has led many people into dangerous situations, and even death.

Just in 2017, an Illinois man was found dead in Yellowstone National Park after falling down a steep slope. A KULR investigation found that Jeff Murphy was looking for the Fenn treasure before he went off on that fatal journey.

On Tuesday, June 18, the Gallatin County Sheriff says they rescued  another treasure hunter who was injured but didn't tell his wife where he was. He says it's not the first time they've rescued a treasure hunter who blundered into a dicey situation.

Gootkin issued a plea via Facebook:

"You must know that this country is unforgiving if you don’t give it the respect it deserves. Let someone know where you are going – exactly, not some vague geographic area to keep your secret safe – and when you expect to return. Be prepared for the changing weather and wilderness conditions. Many areas have no cell phone service. Mountain streams and rivers are especially dangerous. Bears, snakes, and gravity are found in abundance in our corner of the world. We encourage everyone to vigorously pursue their outdoor passions, but think like a local. Before you go after the treasure, consider your level of skill, preparation and knowledge of the area. Consider the volunteer hours spent searching if you need to be rescued, and the anxiety of those left at home.”

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