Missoula emergency services encourages community to use Smart 911 app

MISSOULA - The Missoula Office of Emergency Management is encouraging community members to use the Smart 911 app, a service that will notify you of emergencies such as fires or floods.

The app is free and also allows the user to build a profile with important information that first responders would need to help you in an emergency.

The user can provide their address, medical conditions, car make and model, and even information about pets. The user can also build multiple profiles on the app for children or siblings.

Smart 911 can also provide your current location to emergency dispatch so that responders know exactly where the call is coming from so they can get there as quickly as possible.

"We encourage everybody to sign up for Smart 911," said Adriane Beck, Missoula disaster & emergency services coordinator. "Not only does it provide them a sense of safety but it also enables us to communicate with people so that if there is something going on that's going to impact them that we can do that."

The app can also alert you through a notification on your phone if there is an emergency situation near you like a missing child or wildfire.

Smart 911 is free and available in the Apple and Google Play stores for both iPhone and Android.

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