Save the Dragon

The Dragon Hollow Playground in Missoula is about to receive some big updates, but project organizers need the community's help to make them happen. 

The updates are part of a campaign called Save The Dragon, a project to revamp and restore the playground. Organizers say the goal is to raise $290,000 for the project, and they have about $60,000 to go. 

Carousel for Missoula executive director Theresa Cox says wooden playgrounds need significant maintenance every 20 years, and Dragon Hollow is 18 years old. The work will include general maintenance, but it will also make the playground more accessible for kids with disabilities. Cox says updates will include replacing wood chips with wheelchair accessible paths, adding "cozy cocoon" for children who need a quiet space and installing a small merry-go-round that can accommodate wheelchairs.

"We're trying to be a little proactive in refurbishing it, and as long as we're refurbishing it, this is the time to make it all inclusive," Cox said. "We want to be able to say to all children, 'you are welcome here.'"

Cox says construction will begin on Tuesday, May 14. She says the majority of the work will take place between May 15 and 19, and will require the help of about 2,300 volunteers. Volunteers will help with construction, food and art tasks. 

Construction volunteers must be at least 16 years old, but younger children can help with other tasks. More information about the project and links to donate and sign up for work shifts are available here. 

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