Sandra Vasecka wins city council ward six position after ballot recount

The results for a Missoula City Council position are released, after election officials recounted votes Thursday afternoon.

Election officials said Sandra Vasecka officially won the city council member for ward six. 

More than 2,400 ballots were recounted by hand, and it took nearly four hours.  The official numbers are 1,239 votes for Vasecka and 1,227 votes for Nick Shontz.

Officials said Shontz filed for a recount Tuesday afternoon, after he was trailing behind Vasecka by 12 votes.

Vasecka said she's ready to get to work. 

"I've been kind of been in limbo the past few weeks so I'm really excited it's official now. I'm excited to for my orientation, getting to know the heads of departments, everyone on council and the mayor. Ready to get to work," Vasecka said. 

She added she will be sworn in for city council ward six position on January 6, 2020. 

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