River City Roots Festival goes green

Attention all folk music fans! The 14th annual River City Roots Festival is this weekend in Missoula.

This year organizers say it will be the greenest year yet. The festival has always been conscience of their environmental impact and this year they are taking another step towards being a sustainable festival.

Thanks to help from volunteers the stage is all set up for the 14th annual river city roots festival but this two day event is about more than just music.

"This festival is really great because it is an example of what you can do in the sustainability space we partner with climate smart Missoula and we try to do all the cool things that you can do to make a festival green," Executive Director of Downtown Missoula Partnership, Linda McCarthy said.

And over the years they have taken more and more steps to ensure the festival stays sustainable.

"It started with reusable cups, then the last couple years we have added stainless steel cups, a couple years ago we got rid of all plastic straws that come with drinks so there are no longer plastic straws littering the ground after the festival. We now have a bike valet thanks to our friends at Missoula in motion," Executive Director Climate Smart Missoula Amy Cilimburg said.

And this year they are taking it a step further.

"All of the food venders will be using completely contestable containers and silverware and things so if you have any leftover wasted food and the containers and put them in compost bins," Cilimburg said.

Then those bins will be taken to garden city compost after the festival.

While organizers are taking these extra steps to be green they also want you to have fun.

"It’s fun to see people enjoying themselves and its fun for our team to rally and put something on that is really special for Missoula." McCarthy said

Organizers also want to remind drivers, starting tomorrow a large chunk of Main Street and Ryman between Front and Broadway will be closed for the festivities.

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