Recycling Works needs your help to build a glass transfer station

MISSOULA - A nonprofit is working to make glass recycling a little easier in the Garden City.

Recycling Works is a glass and compost recycling center that does curbside pickup for a fee. They are raising money to build Missoula’s first glass transfer station.

Currently Recycling Works is using buckets and cardboard boxes to transport glass to Salt Lake City to recycle it.

Operations Manager Sarah Nesci says the transfer station will expand their storage space and they are asking for the communities help to build it

"We do want the community support and we do want their help building it because it will hold all of the city of Missoula's glass,” Nesci said. “We are looking for help doing that and to build this place that will help us recycle more."

Recycling Works is trying to raise $5,000 to purchase 100 cement blocks to build the station. The campaign says the station could collect and store 150,000 pounds of glass at a time.

Community members can sponsor a half block for $25 or a whole block for $50. Donors can receive rewards including free recycling pickup.

Recycling Works is a "benefit corporation" that raises money for the Missoula Interfaith Collaborative and family housing initiatives.

Donations can be made online or in person.

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