MISSOULA - The playground at 44 Ranch Park, 2503 Riata Road, is closed while new playground equipment is installed.

44 Ranch Park is the primary green space serving the 44 Ranch neighborhood. Since 2009, it has only contained one piece of playground equipment designed for children aged 5-12, which was donated by Spectrum Aquatics. 

According to Parks and Rec, this neighborhood is home to a lot of young families with young children. It is also one of Missoula's fastest growing neighborhoods.

The playground will feature play equipment that is suitable for children 2-12.

"If you think about families that might have a two year old and a seven year old, they're going to have different needs in terms of what kind of equipment they're going to want to play on, so we really wanted to create a playground that will serve those types of families as well," Nathan McLeod, Parks & Trails design coordinator.

The project's total estimated cost is $76,400. The 44 Ranch Homeowner's Association has raised $11,900 from grants and donations. The City Council Council approved $64,500 in the 2020 Capital Improvement Program for the playground.

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