Neighboring homeowners and businesses voice concerns of nearby Poverello Center

Poverello Center employees said they've seen a significant growth in the use of their homeless facility this past year. Neighboring homeowners and business owners are feeling the impact. 

In a community meeting at Imagine Nation brewery on Monday, about 20 people who live or work near the Poverello Center talked about finding used syringes on the street, as well as seeing people urinating and defecating on or near their property. 

Poverello employees said they're doing the best they can, housing 175 people overnight, but they can't accept anyone who uses drugs or alcohol. In recent weeks, they've seen more homeless people after the Salvation Army closed the warming shelter on March 21. 

Bryan Hindman, a manager at a West Broadway hotel, said the homeless issue is impacting his business. 

"The first impression is when [a customer] pulls into your parking lot and if they see trash in your parking lot, they're not gonna want to stay. I've had guests actually leave after checking in because they would go into the stairwell and somebody would be asleep there," Hindman said. 

Poverello employees said they're working to add a new position to their team to pick up garbage in the area. 

Some homeowners said they've called the police several times about homeless trespassing onto their property, some using their front lawns as toilets.

During the community meeting, residents asked Poverello Center employees to add portable toilets and garbage bins around the area. 

The next community meeting with the Poverello Center takes place on May 20. 

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