There’s a marathon meal packing event happening in Missoula this weekend, and organizers need the community’s help to make it happen.

Generosity Feeds, Mod Pizza and Mission Ridge Church are teaming up to host the event. The original goal was to pack 10,000 meals. Organizers say the event received additional funding, and they now hope to pack 12,000 meals during a two hour period.

The meals will benefit the Missoula Food Bank’s empower packs: a backpack program that helps kids in need get enough to eat when school lunches stop for the weekend. Generosity Feeds says more than 40 percent of kids in the Missoula area aren’t sure where they will get their next meal. Mission Ridge senior pastor Paule Patterson says the event will also help the food bank save some money, so they can help more groups battling hunger across the community. 

“People have moments of crisis that aren‘t planned,“ Patterson said. “Unfortunately, people are going to struggle with do I pay rent or do I buy food? Do I pay for my car payment or do I put food on the table?”

Patterson says Generosity Feeds and Mod Pizza host similar events all across the country, and he’s excited to help it happen in Missoula. He says about 150 volunteers have signed up so far, and he’s hoping to double that by the time the event begins.

The event will happen on Saturday, March 9 at 10:30 a.m. in the Schreiber gym at the University of Montana. Registration is available here.

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