Casey and Jessica Cornwell

An East Missoula family is asking the community for help after starting the New Year with a major loss.

2018 was a difficult year for Casey and Jessica Cornwell. It was full of expensive medical bills, and they say they poured everything into paying them off. They chose to cut corners everywhere to pay for their deaf daughter's hearing implants - and as result, they lost almost everything.

“We're paying on a $9,000 bill for her cochlear implants because they stopped working, and we had to upgrade them,” Jessica Cornwell said. “She needed them. She can't hear anything without them.”

The Cornwells say they tried to cut costs by giving up their phones and moving. They kept most of their belongings in a storage unit during the process. The couple didn’t realize when their autopay on the unit was declined for insufficient funds, and a certified letter from the storage unit wasn’t forwarded from their old address. They went to the unit on New Year’s Eve, and realized all of their memories had been sold in an auction months ago.

“A lot of the sentimental stuff can’t be replaced,” Cornwell said. “The furniture can all be replaced, but the pictures, the legal documents, baby blankets, things the kids have made, we can’t replace those.”

Casey and Jessica say the unit contained birth, divorce and marriage certificates, social security cards, wedding and baby pictures, furniture and various other sentimental items. The documents will have the last name Cornwell, Maze or Clifford on them. 

“Yeah, we’ve had a lot of pile-ups,” Casey Cornwell said. “One thing right after another.”

Casey and Jessica say their items were part of an auction at All Seasons RV and Mini-Storage in Florence on Oct. 31, 2018. Their former unit number was D27. They ask anyone who knows anything about their belongings to contact them at

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