Housing Project Will Bring 200 Units to Lolo

LOLO - A gravel lot across from Lolo Peak Brewery and Grill will soon be transformed into a 200 housing unit with a few "hobbit" homes built into a hill. 

Radd Icenoggle, spokesperson for Zepeda Homes, says the project will make good use of a gravel pit that's sat vacant for many years.

It's a work in progress, but when Lolo Village is complete, there will be a combination of 200 apartments for rent, and homes and condos for sale. 

Construction crews are currently building one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. Icenoggle said it will also feature something straight out of a Lord of the Rings novel. 

"[A Hobbit Home] is a single bedroom unit that’s partially built into the hillside. The front of the house is sunken into the hill. They’re also energy efficient because you're getting insulation from the hill, so you're using the landscape to build a very efficient home," Icenoggle said. 

In addition to the housing units he said they plan on adding a community garden and recreational park with amenities such as an ice rink and small basketball court.

The design includes 150 parking spots and spaces for retail businesses like a coffee shop - and more.

"The real cool thing we’re getting into is E-bikes. So we might one day have an E-bike shop in town," Icenoggle said. 

He adds Lolo Village will greatly benefit the community.  

"With the school being right next door, you’re increasing the tax base for the school and also bringing in more families for the school right here in Lolo," Icenoggle said. 

By next summer, prospective buyers and renters can start seeing pricing of the units.

Project organizers estimate the Lolo Village will be finished in five to seven years.

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