New box tops app helps local Montana schools faster than ever

ALBERTON - The next generation of Box Tops is here, now submitting Box Tops to your local school can be done instantly with the help of your smart phone.

Consumers can now download the free Box Tops app which allows the user to scan their receipt after shopping. The app automatically recognizes which products you purchased participate in the Box Tops program and automatically gives money to the school you selected.

A local school says this program has made the process of receiving these funds much easier and saves on man-power.

"It took a long time to get through all of the Box Tops, sometimes just hours of people sitting there and bundling them, so this is a lot easier on the coordinator for sure," said Jodi Clark, Alberton School Box Tops coordinator.

The new app also ensures that none of the Box Tops submitted go to waste because of expiration.

"We had a big drive last year and we collected hundreds of them, then you have to go through and throw 1 or 2 percent of them away because they're expired, which is disappointing," said Clark.

Clark said that the funds received from Box Tops have gone towards new playground equipment and other projects that weren't initially in the budget.

The app allows the user to choose any school even if you are not local. The app also provides a list of participating products and shows how much money the individual and school has raised. 

Consumers can scan the receipt within 14 days of purchase and the user is automatically notified about how much they were able to give to the school.

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