Missoula Police - 11520

MISSOULA - The neighbors at Hollywood Trailer Court said the sound of gun shots woke them up Wednesday morning, after Missoula Police were called to the area for the report of a man with a gun.

"I heard it, and I was like ok those are fire crackers, then I saw on my friends' [Snapchat] story that it was someone got shot," Miercedes Green said.

Green shared an image of what appeared to be a law enforcement officer holding a gun. It was an image her neighbor sent her on Snapchat. 

"It was right outside her front window it wasn't even that far," Green said.

Another neighbor Brock Eggleston said he heard the police talking with the suspect outside his house.

"So I slowly got up peeked out and saw a gentleman right outside my window with a gun drawn," Eggleston said.

To him, it seemed like the suspect was resisting.

"I could hear him trying to plead with the gentlemen to put the gun down, and he said 'For the love of god brother. please put down the gun'," Eggleston said.

Missoula Police said the incident lasted about an hour. Eggleston said he just heard the end of it.

"The officers started saying, 'Please Frank no please no,' and then that's when the shots went off," Eggleston said.

The suspect taken to the hospital for injuries, there is no word on his condition as of 8:00 PM Wednesday.

The State Department of Criminal Investigation has taken over the case from the Missoula Police Department.

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