Nearly 40 huskies rescued from property in Bitterroot mountains

HAMILTON, Mont. - Nearly 40 dogs have been rescued from a piece of property in the Bitterroot mountains.  

About a month ago, Fox Hollow, an animal rescue group in Corvallis, found a husky that had an injured leg. They believed someone could have shot the leg, and so a veterinarian had to amputate its leg.
Two weeks later, a man came into the Bitter Root Humane Association saying he had three huskies, possibly bred with wolves, running around his property. The humane association gave the man a live trap to get the dogs.
Following that incident, the humane association got more calls about huskies roaming around the area.
Employees got permission to enter the property where many of the huskies were at. At the time Cyra Saltzman the operations manager at the Bitter Root Humane Association counted about 14 huskies and a litter of puppies. Each day, Saltzman's team went up to the property to get the huskies. She said the owner surrendered the rest of the huskies later. Saltzman believes there are about 40 huskies in total. 
"Today is when we're going to neuter and spay and we're gonna do medical assessments to see health wise how they are," Saltzman said. 
Saltzman added some of the dogs could be bred with wolves, so animal behavioral specialists will need to check them out to see if the animals could be available for adoption, or if they would need to go to a sanctuary.
In the meantime they’re asking for the public's help. Saltzman said the humane association is in need of dog food, volunteers to walk the dogs, or adoptions of other animals in the shelter who are looking for forever homes. 
Adoption fees at their shelter are 50 percent off until December 20. 
The huskies are not up for adoption as of Thursday. The humane association is asking for the public's patience as they sort out what to do. 

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