Reaction is pouring in over Cleveland Brown's Myles Garrett hitting Pittsburgh Steeler's Mason Rudolph over the head with his own helmet, at the end of Thursday night's Steelers-Browns game. 

ABC FOX Montana talked with local parents to see if this changes opinions on "America's most watched sport."

For long-time football Beth Ann France, it was definitely a first. 

"I was really surprised, I've been a football fan for a really long time and I've never seen a fight like that," France said. 

Thursday night's NFL match-up between the Steelers and Browns ended with a swing, something Doug Macy have never seen before. 

"Thought it was just crazy seeing someone throw a helmet or swing a helmet," Macy said. 

France said watching Browns defensive end Garrett remove the helmet of Steelers quarterback Rudolph then swing it at his unprotected head, makes her thankful she didn't let her son play football growing up. 

"We'd already chosen not to use football, mostly because of the injuries. I think I'm glad about that with the concussions," France said. 

This morning the NFL suspended Garrett for the remaining six games of the season. France thinks the suspension is justified.

"I think you've got to send a big message," France said. 

The NFL also fined both the Browns and the Steelers $250,000 each. It's punishment that has Jamie Thompson, a mother two young girls, shaking her head. 

"[That fine is] not enough, not even close. Think of how much they spend on everything else, that's not gonna teach them anything" Thompson said. 

Thompson said her daughter wants to play football. When that time comes, she said she'll teach her how to be a respectable rival. 

"I think it's a behavior thing you'd have to teach them. She would would probably that's not acceptable," Thompson said. 

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