Plentywood Shopko set for closure

PLENTYWOOD - A small Montana community is petitioning to save the Shopko branch that's scheduled to close.

On Dec. 6, Debtwire reported that Shopko corporation would be closing 39 stores around the country in the wake of slow sales revenue.

That list included the Plentywood Shopko.

Now, the community is arguing that Shopko should stay open:

"Without this retail store, Plentywood and surrounding area residents will have to drive 85+ miles for many competitively priced household items. The store's closure means much more than just the retail sales will be lost. Jobs will be lost as well as the quality of life.

... The nationwide Goodwill generated by keeping a ShopKo store here,  will go a long way to offset the current slowdown to your revenues!"

The petition currently has more than 1,100 signatures. The population of Plentywood is about 1,700, according to the 2010 U.S. Census.

RetailDive reports that the 39 Shopko stores will close by the end of February.

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