Montana soldiers return home Saturday evening after 10 months of deployment

Specialist Chris Cagle, SGT Michael Bleck, and 1st Lieutenant Alisha Butler

MISSOULA- In Kalispell Saturday evening, soldiers of the 495th CSSB are coming home.

The soldiers are flying from Fort Hood, Texas to the Flathead Valley where they will get to be reunited with their loved ones after ten months of deployment.

Being stationed in different locations throughout Afghanistan for ten months, soldiers say some days were harder than others when missing their loved ones.

"In the moment one day, or one week seem to be harder missing people, being away from them, and being away from all the comforts that you're used to,” said Intelligence Officer, Alisha Butler.

With technology these days, soldiers say that Skype helped connect back home.

And returning to their homes in Montana, soldiers in the 495th CBBS say they can't wait to return back to the Treasure State and have the freedom of a normal schedule, freedom to see the people they want to see, and freedom to indulge in everything they love about Montana.

When asked what was on their agenda upon arriving home Saturday evening on Treasure State soil, they are going to see the ones they love and get a good night rest at home.


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