Montana lumber leaders meet in Missoula to talk with federal officials

Montana lumber leaders asked federal officials for more logging rights today. 

Congressman Greg Gianforte brought Jim Hubbard, the Under Secretary of Natural Resources and Environment for the U.S. Department of Agriculture, to Missoula on Thursday. 

The two met with industry leaders who told them lawsuits are crippling their businesses. 

They say less logging means more forest fires and infestation. 

"When you don't manage the forests what happens is you're going to get more insect disease, you're going to get more growth and susceptibility to fire," Tom Schultz the VP of government affairs for the Idaho Forest Group said. 

It's a point countered by environmentalist groups. 

The undersecretary and Rep. Gianforte said they will keep these requests in mind in Washington D.C. 

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