Christmas tree on fire

A holiday disaster, your Christmas tree going up in flames.

While it doesn't happen that often, Missoula Rural Firefighters performed a safety demonstration Friday to show how fast the damage can spread.

Missoula Rural Fire Chief, Chris Newman, said the holidays are an amazing, but also dangerous time, especially with your holiday centerpiece.

Chief Newman said a dry Christmas tree can ignite quickly, causing a lot of damage in a short amount of time. 

The shed in the demonstration becomes engulfed in minutes.

Newman said if you're buying a fresh cut tree, keep it watered, and buy flame resistant decorations.

 "Cause once the tree dries out it truly becomes almost solid gasoline in your house. Once they get dry it doesn't take a whole lot for that tree to take off," explained Chief Newman.

Newman said other ways to keep your tree from engulfing in flames are properly maintaining Christmas lights and not overloading your outlets.

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