The Missoula Salvation Army is warming shelter is a little over a month into operations, and the cold temperatures are keeping it busy.

The Salvation Army says the shelter can handle about 60 people at a time. They're currently serving 55 to 60 people each night.

The shelter hasn't said no to anyone yet due to space constraints, but they're working out what they'll do if and when that time comes. Salvation Army Captain Josh Boyd says other local options, like the Poverello Center, currently have open beds if the warming shelter gets too full.

"There's a lot of people suffering from a lot of different things, and it makes for a big issue that everyone has to come together to fix and to respond to," Boyd said. "These are real people with real problems that we need to think about, we need to care about."

Boyd says the warming shelter has plenty of blankets, but they need donations of socks, gloves and hygienic items.

The warming shelter is currently hiring staff members. Applications are available at the front desk of the Missoula Salvation Army. 

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