DJ&A rendering

MISSOULA - DJ&A is a Missoula-based engineering, surveying and planning business that will break ground as Missoula's first opportunity zone project June 10.

DJ&A was founded in 1973 and has decided to expand, but stay in Missoula for the community. They are breaking ground on the 1900 block of Broadway. The new building will be about 4,000 square feet and be the new headquarters for DJ&A and will also include a leasable restaurant space on the ground floor.

The new building and expansion were necessary for DJ&A's growth and also serves as a good example for the business climate in Missoula said President of DJ&A, Christopher Anderson.

"What we find is that a lot of people want to move to Missoula to experience the quality of life, that probably both you and I live here for, so it's a great opportunity to continue and build on that," said Anderson.

An opportunity zone is designed to encourage long term investment in low-income communities. Opportunity zones were developed from the Tax Cuts and Job Acts of 2017 and provide a federal tax incentive for tax payers that re-invest their capital gain back into their community.

"It's an outstanding program that allows us to pay taxes and reinvest in the area that we're developing," said Anderson.

The investment in opportunity zones from large businesses and the expansion of DJ&A has potential to lead to more job opportunities for Missoulians.

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