Missoula's Animal Control Shelter is looking for adoptive homes

Missoula's Animal Control Shelter has had a recent large intake of cats and dogs, and now they are looking for the public's help.

Shelter workers say the summer months are their busiest time of the year. This year, they are experiencing a late cat and kitten season.

With the recent thunderstorms, there are also a lot of stray dogs, and with this large intake they are hoping the public will come in and adopt.

"For us it's just about trying to place these animals somewhere where they can be safe and secure in the long term, we really are trying to find good long time homes so they don't have to come back to a place like this,” shelter attendant, Logan Nickel said.

The shelter does the best they can to give the animals all the love they can, but they say it's different than a real home.

For residents interested in adopting, all they need to do is come into the shelter.

"Anybody can come and meet any of the animals, you can take dogs on walks, we just need a copy of an i.d. and then you can take them, and the cat room is open, anyone can come and just play with the various cats out of their cages,” Nickel said.

Missoula Animal Control is having a special right now on adopting both cats and dogs, and to hear those call Missoula Animal Control at 406-541-7387.

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