Missoula Rural Fire crews take out grass fire near popular road

Missoula Rural firefighters took out an out of control grass fire near a well-traveled road on Saturday afternoon. 

Missoula Rural fire crews, along with the help of Frenchtown Rural Fire, responded to a call of a grass fire around 1:15 p.m. on Saturday at 11525 Mullan Road. 

Fire officials say the property owner had a prescribed burn permit, but winds blew the fire out of control to the size of an acre. 

As winter's ice melts away, fire officials say to be extra careful when you start a fire on your property. 

"This time of year when burn permits start to open up, it's usually really dry out and nothing's greened up yet. We get some pretty significant winds in the afternoon, typically, just make sure you have enough tools and man power to control your fire," Missoula Rural Fire Battalion Chief Dan Merritt said. 

Crews took out the fire in about 15 minutes. Officials say no on was injured by the fire. 

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