Vandalized Little Free Library
Little Free Library in Missoula vandalized

A Little Free Library in Missoula was vandalized and left owners very upset, but with a lot of support from the community the owners say they'll rebuild and carry on.

The Little Free Library is in the front yard of a home next to Bonner Park. Recently, a vandal knocked it over.

Owner Rae Cooper said she and her husband were so disappointed that they weren't going to rebuild the library.

"To see it knocked down was absolutely devastating," she said. "And even worse was my little boy, he's like 'Uh oh, all gone.'"

But with the outpouring of support from the neighborhood, they changed their minds.

"The overwhelming support that I received back from the community saying, 'Please put it back up. Thank you for having it in the first place and if you need help we'll help you put it back up.' And just it was incredible to get over 50 comments of people that I have no clue who they are just very positive," Cooper said.

Moving forward Cooper said they will keep a closer eye on their little library.

The owner of another Little Free Library just half a block down the street were also upset to hear what happened.

"Very sad. I think it’s tragic. If it happened to me, maybe devastated is too strong of a word, but I would be very troubled. Makes me wonder what kind of a person would do that," Mike Alterowitz said.

Alterowitz said someone broke the glass door of his little library a few years ago, but he was able to replace it quickly.

He emphasized that he cherishes his little library and loves giving the community an opportunity to read more books.

Alterowitz said even if someone chooses to vandalize his property again; he will just fix it, because he doesn't want anything to get in the way of their community library.

You can find these Free Little Libraries all around Missoula and the whole idea behind it is "Take a book, give a book."

It's an easy and educational way to give back to the community.

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